Decommissioning the forums

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Decommissioning the forums

Postby dmsparer » Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:05 am

Hello mRemoteNG'ers!

After some discussion, we have decided to decommission this forum site and move all forum-like conversation to Reddit instead. We expect to complete this over the next several weeks (timeline below).

There are a few reasons we are doing this:
  • Reddit is free, and that's pretty nice. We don't have a large budget, so anything that saves us money is great.
  • These forums are hosted on the old maintainers account, which requires renewal within the next few months. To keep the forum alive, we would need to either migrate it to another hosting provider (time consuming) or work out an agreement with the previous maintainer to continuing hosting it (not a long term solution).
  • We want to minimize the amount of infrastructure we need to maintain and secure. Fewer servers/sites to take care of means more time for valuable work like coding and working with the community.

Rough timeline for events:
  1. Get the reddit community up and running. We already have the name saved. Just need to make it public and set owners/mods/sidebar info. Deadline: end of the weekend (Dec. 4)
  2. Update website with links to Reddit community.
  3. Turn on read-only mode for the phpBB forum on Dec 9th.
  4. Turn off the forum and redirect DNS entries to reddit community. Deadline: Dec. 31st

One of the main concerns I have had with potentially decommissioning this forum is the loss of information that has built up on it over the years. Forum posts are frequently a prominent hit on Google when searching RDP errors, for example. We want to preserve that information as much as possible. We are asking the community to help us find and save useful information on the forum to be included in our wiki.
Please see Issue #293 if you would like to help out with the archiving. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Note: previous discussions occurred as a part of Issue #288
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Decommissioning the forums


Re: Decommissioning the forums

Postby dmsparer » Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:41 am

The lesser-used boards have now been locked.

The Support and Announcements boards will be locked on Wednesday, December 14th.

As mentioned, all future forum-like conversation will happen on our Reddit page
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