mRemoteNG 1.71 Beta 1 Now Available

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mRemoteNG 1.71 Beta 1 Now Available

Postby rmcardle » Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:09 pm

mRemoteNG 1.71 Beta 1 is now available. Download it now!

Please test it out very thoroughly and let us know of any issues.

  • Added feature MR-329 - Create Option to disable the "Quick: " prefix
  • Fixed issue MR-67 - Sort does not recursively sort
  • Fixed issue MR-117 - Remote Session Info Window / Tab does not populate
  • Fixed issue MR-121 - Config pane not sorting properties correctly when switching between alphabetical and categorized view
  • Fixed issue MR-130 - Issues duplicating folders
  • Fixed issue MR-142 - Start of mRemoteNG takes about one minute and consumes excessive CPU
  • Fixed issue MR-158 - Password field not accepting Pipe
  • Fixed issue MR-330 - Portable version saves log to user's profile folder
  • Fixed issue MR-333 - Unnecessary prompt for 'close all open connections?'
  • Fixed issue MR-342 - Incorrect view in config pane of new connection after viewing default inheritance
  • Fixed issue MR-352 - Passwords with " (quotation mark) and # (hash key) characters make mRemoteNG to open PuttyNG dialog
  • Fixed issue MR-362 - Rename 'Screenshot Manager' to 'Screenshots' on the View menu to match Panel name
  • Added detection of newer versions of connection files and database schemata. mRemoteNG will now refuse to open them to avoid data loss.
  • Improved appearance and discoverability of the connection search box.
  • If RDC 7.0 or higher is installed, the connection bar is no longer briefly shown when connecting to an RDP connection with redirect key combinations enabled.
  • If RDC 8.0 or higher is installed, RDP connections automatically adjust their size when the window is resized or when toggling full screen mode.
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mRemoteNG 1.71 Beta 1 Now Available


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