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mRemoteNG 1.71 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

Postby rmcardle » Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:31 pm

mRemoteNG 1.71 Release Candidate 1 is now available. Download it now!

This is probably the last version before final release so please test it out very thoroughly and let me know of any issues as soon as possible.

I am now working full time on development of mRemoteNG. If you find mRemoteNG useful and would like to continue seeing updates, please consider making a donation.

1.71 (2013-10-01):
  • Fixed issue MR-495 - Having a negative range in port scan creates memory exhaustion.
  • Fixed issue MR-514 - Window Proxy test failed without close button
  • Fixed issue MR-521 - Right-Clicking in "Sessions" panel crashes mRemoteNG
  • Fixed issue MR-525 - Could not start on windows 7 64bit
  • Fixed issue MR-535 - SQL error saving Connections
  • Fixed issue MR-538 - RDP loses connection when hiding config or connections pane
  • Fixed issue MR-542 - Wrapped putty has security flaw
  • Made minor improvements to the port scan functionality.
  • Fixed possible cross-thread operation exception when loading connections from SQL.
  • Fixed PuTTY Saved Sessions not showing after loading a new connections file.
  • Updated PuTTY to version 0.63.
  • Updated translations.
  • Added Chinese (Traditional) translation.
  • Added partial Greek and Hungarian translations.

1.71 Beta 5 (2013-06-09):
  • Fixed issue MR-491 - Could not start RDP Connection
  • Fixed issue MR-499 - TS Gateway is not working in latest release 1.71
  • Fixed typo in SQL queries.

1.71 Beta 4 (2013-05-28):
  • Added feature MR-435 - Add digital signature check to updater
  • Fixed issue MR-255 - The version of the RDP AX client should be updated to 7
  • Fixed issue MR-392 - Sessions Panel - context menu entries need to be context aware
  • Fixed issue MR-422 - Gives error Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Fixed issue MR-424 - Import of a few Linux SSH2 hosts discovered via the port scan tool results in a UE
  • Fixed issue MR-439 - MRemoteNG 1.70 does not start
  • Fixed issue MR-440 - RDP import with non-standard port
  • Fixed issue MR-443 - Instructions for eolwtscom.dll registration for Portable version are inaccurate
  • Fixed issue MR-446 - Putty saved sessions show in connection panel
  • Fixed issue MR-459 - Maximized -> Minimized -> Restored results in mangled active display
  • Fixed issue MR-463 - Add support for LoadBalanceInfo to RDP
  • Fixed issue MR-470 - Quick Connect to Linux server uses invalid credentials
  • Fixed issue MR-471 - PuTTY Saved Sessions disappears from connection list
  • Fixed issue MR-487 - Initiate connections on MouseUp event
  • Added PuTTY Session Settings command to the Config panel for PuTTY Saved Sessions.
  • Updated translations.
  • Added Norwegian (Bokmål) and Portuguese (Brazil) translations.
  • Added Spanish translation to the installer.
  • Fixed an exception or crash when choosing unnamed colors for themes.
  • Fixed possible error "Control does not support transparent background colors" when modifying themes.
  • Fixed changes to the active theme not being saved reliably.
  • Fixed handling of the plus (+) character in PuTTY session names.
  • Changed Internet Explorer to no longer force IE7 compatibility mode.
  • Changed the "Launch PuTTY" button in the "Options" dialog to open PuTTY from the path the user has currently set, instead of what was previously saved.
  • Improved update and announcement checking.
  • Improved the PuTTY Saved Sessions list to update automatically when any changes are made.
  • Improved loading time of large connection files.
  • Lowered required version of RDC from 6.1 to 6.0.
  • Updated VncSharpNG to 1.3.4896.25007.

1.71 Beta 3 (2013-03-20):
  • Fixed issue MR-397 - Putty disappears from the screen
  • Fixed issue MR-398 - Full Screen mode doesn't correctly make use of available space
  • Fixed issue MR-402 - scrollbar touch moves putty window
  • Fixed issue MR-406 - Items disappear from External Tools toolbar when accessing External Tools panel
  • Fixed issue MR-410 - Unhandled exception when clicking New button under Theme
  • Fixed issue MR-413 - Can't use aplication
  • Fixed new connections having a globe icon.
  • Fixed the category names in the themes tab of the options dialog on Windows XP not showing correctly.
  • Fixed PuTTY saved sessions with spaces or special characters not being listed.

1.71 Beta 2 (2013-03-19):
  • Added feature MR-336 - Customizable background color for the windows/panels
  • Added feature MR-345 - Two separate options for confirming closure of Tabs and Connection Panels
  • Added feature MR-346 - Option to show/hide the description box at the bottom of the Config panel
  • Added feature MR-351 - Import connections from PuTTY
  • Fixed issue MR-354 - Re-ordering tabs doesn't give good, reliable visual feedback
  • Fixed issue MR-375 - Changing a connection's icon using the picture button should immediately update Icon field
  • Fixed issue MR-377 - Several redundant panels can be opened
  • Fixed issue MR-379 - Connection variables not working with external tools
  • Fixed issue MR-381 - Notifications panel - whitespace context menu allows Copy and Delete on nothing
  • Fixed issue MR-401 - Checkbox misaligned
  • The username and domain settings are now hidden for VNC connections since they are not supported.
  • Changed "Automatically get session information" to be disabled by default.
  • RDP connections can now be switched to full screen mode when redirect key combinations is enabled.

1.71 Beta 1 (2013-03-04):
  • Added feature MR-329 - Create Option to disable the "Quick: " prefix
  • Fixed issue MR-67 - Sort does not recursively sort
  • Fixed issue MR-117 - Remote Session Info Window / Tab does not populate
  • Fixed issue MR-121 - Config pane not sorting properties correctly when switching between alphabetical and categorized view
  • Fixed issue MR-130 - Issues duplicating folders
  • Fixed issue MR-142 - Start of mRemoteNG takes about one minute and consumes excessive CPU
  • Fixed issue MR-158 - Password field not accepting Pipe
  • Fixed issue MR-330 - Portable version saves log to user's profile folder
  • Fixed issue MR-333 - Unnecessary prompt for 'close all open connections?'
  • Fixed issue MR-342 - Incorrect view in config pane of new connection after viewing default inheritance
  • Fixed issue MR-352 - Passwords with " (quotation mark) and # (hash key) characters make mRemoteNG to open PuttyNG dialog
  • Fixed issue MR-362 - Rename 'Screenshot Manager' to 'Screenshots' on the View menu to match Panel name
  • Added detection of newer versions of connection files and database schemata. mRemoteNG will now refuse to open them to avoid data loss.
  • Improved appearance and discoverability of the connection search box.
  • If RDC 7.0 or higher is installed, the connection bar is no longer briefly shown when connecting to an RDP connection with redirect key combinations enabled.
  • If RDC 8.0 or higher is installed, RDP connections automatically adjust their size when the window is resized or when toggling full screen mode.
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mRemoteNG 1.71 Release Candidate 1 Now Available


Re: mRemoteNG 1.71 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

Postby mattpker » Sat Oct 12, 2013 8:20 pm

Wow... just wow. I work for a company that our mremote connection file has grown to thousands of servers and it would take forever to load, sometimes even crashing the startup. With this new version it loads instantly. Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much this means to me! I will be sure to donate to the project! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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