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mRemoteNG 1.71 Now Available

Postby rmcardle » Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:41 am

mRemoteNG 1.71 is now available. Download it now!

I am now working full time on development of mRemoteNG. If you find mRemoteNG useful and would like to continue seeing updates, please consider making a donation.

This version is exactly the same as 1.71 Release Candidate 3. If you have already installed Release Candidate 3 then there is no need to update to this version.

1.71 (2013-10-29):
  • Fixed issue MR-574 - Crash when retrieving RDP session list if eolwtscom.dll is not registered
  • Fixed issue MR-578 - Connections file is reset
  • Fixed log file not showing operating system version on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
  • Fixed the wrong connections file opening on startup under certain conditions.
  • Fixed checking for updates even when disabled.
  • Improved error reporting when loading connections files.
  • Removed warning message when mRemoteNG is started for the first time about new connections file being created.

1.71 Release Candidate 2 (2013-10-01):
  • Fixed issue MR-560 - Cannot Auto-Update With Open Connections: Unable to find an entry point named 'TaskDialogIndirect' in DLL 'ComCtl32'
  • Fixed issue MR-565 - Double Folder keep heritage on the initial Folder
  • Fixed issue MR-566 - Typo in German UI Automatic Update Settings
  • Fixed duplicated folders possibly being named "New Connection" instead of the original folder's name

1.71 Release Candidate 1 (2013-10-01):
  • Fixed issue MR-495 - Having a negative range in port scan creates memory exhaustion.
  • Fixed issue MR-514 - Window Proxy test failed without close button
  • Fixed issue MR-521 - Right-Clicking in "Sessions" panel crashes mRemoteNG
  • Fixed issue MR-525 - Could not start on windows 7 64bit
  • Fixed issue MR-535 - SQL error saving Connections
  • Fixed issue MR-538 - RDP loses connection when hiding config or connections pane
  • Fixed issue MR-542 - Wrapped putty has security flaw
  • Made minor improvements to the port scan functionality.
  • Fixed possible cross-thread operation exception when loading connections from SQL.
  • Fixed PuTTY Saved Sessions not showing after loading a new connections file.
  • Updated PuTTY to version 0.63.
  • Updated translations.
  • Added Chinese (Traditional) translation.
  • Added partial Greek and Hungarian translations.

1.71 Beta 5 (2013-06-09):
  • Fixed issue MR-491 - Could not start RDP Connection
  • Fixed issue MR-499 - TS Gateway is not working in latest release 1.71
  • Fixed typo in SQL queries.

1.71 Beta 4 (2013-05-28):
  • Added feature MR-435 - Add digital signature check to updater
  • Fixed issue MR-255 - The version of the RDP AX client should be updated to 7
  • Fixed issue MR-392 - Sessions Panel - context menu entries need to be context aware
  • Fixed issue MR-422 - Gives error Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Fixed issue MR-424 - Import of a few Linux SSH2 hosts discovered via the port scan tool results in a UE
  • Fixed issue MR-439 - MRemoteNG 1.70 does not start
  • Fixed issue MR-440 - RDP import with non-standard port
  • Fixed issue MR-443 - Instructions for eolwtscom.dll registration for Portable version are inaccurate
  • Fixed issue MR-446 - Putty saved sessions show in connection panel
  • Fixed issue MR-459 - Maximized -> Minimized -> Restored results in mangled active display
  • Fixed issue MR-463 - Add support for LoadBalanceInfo to RDP
  • Fixed issue MR-470 - Quick Connect to Linux server uses invalid credentials
  • Fixed issue MR-471 - PuTTY Saved Sessions disappears from connection list
  • Fixed issue MR-487 - Initiate connections on MouseUp event
  • Added PuTTY Session Settings command to the Config panel for PuTTY Saved Sessions.
  • Updated translations.
  • Added Norwegian (Bokmål) and Portuguese (Brazil) translations.
  • Added Spanish translation to the installer.
  • Fixed an exception or crash when choosing unnamed colors for themes.
  • Fixed possible error "Control does not support transparent background colors" when modifying themes.
  • Fixed changes to the active theme not being saved reliably.
  • Fixed handling of the plus (+) character in PuTTY session names.
  • Changed Internet Explorer to no longer force IE7 compatibility mode.
  • Changed the "Launch PuTTY" button in the "Options" dialog to open PuTTY from the path the user has currently set, instead of what was previously saved.
  • Improved update and announcement checking.
  • Improved the PuTTY Saved Sessions list to update automatically when any changes are made.
  • Improved loading time of large connection files.
  • Lowered required version of RDC from 6.1 to 6.0.
  • Updated VncSharpNG to 1.3.4896.25007.

1.71 Beta 3 (2013-03-20):
  • Fixed issue MR-397 - Putty disappears from the screen
  • Fixed issue MR-398 - Full Screen mode doesn't correctly make use of available space
  • Fixed issue MR-402 - scrollbar touch moves putty window
  • Fixed issue MR-406 - Items disappear from External Tools toolbar when accessing External Tools panel
  • Fixed issue MR-410 - Unhandled exception when clicking New button under Theme
  • Fixed issue MR-413 - Can't use aplication
  • Fixed new connections having a globe icon.
  • Fixed the category names in the themes tab of the options dialog on Windows XP not showing correctly.
  • Fixed PuTTY saved sessions with spaces or special characters not being listed.

1.71 Beta 2 (2013-03-19):
  • Added feature MR-336 - Customizable background color for the windows/panels
  • Added feature MR-345 - Two separate options for confirming closure of Tabs and Connection Panels
  • Added feature MR-346 - Option to show/hide the description box at the bottom of the Config panel
  • Added feature MR-351 - Import connections from PuTTY
  • Fixed issue MR-354 - Re-ordering tabs doesn't give good, reliable visual feedback
  • Fixed issue MR-375 - Changing a connection's icon using the picture button should immediately update Icon field
  • Fixed issue MR-377 - Several redundant panels can be opened
  • Fixed issue MR-379 - Connection variables not working with external tools
  • Fixed issue MR-381 - Notifications panel - whitespace context menu allows Copy and Delete on nothing
  • Fixed issue MR-401 - Checkbox misaligned
  • The username and domain settings are now hidden for VNC connections since they are not supported.
  • Changed "Automatically get session information" to be disabled by default.
  • RDP connections can now be switched to full screen mode when redirect key combinations is enabled.

1.71 Beta 1 (2013-03-04):
  • Added feature MR-329 - Create Option to disable the "Quick: " prefix
  • Fixed issue MR-67 - Sort does not recursively sort
  • Fixed issue MR-117 - Remote Session Info Window / Tab does not populate
  • Fixed issue MR-121 - Config pane not sorting properties correctly when switching between alphabetical and categorized view
  • Fixed issue MR-130 - Issues duplicating folders
  • Fixed issue MR-142 - Start of mRemoteNG takes about one minute and consumes excessive CPU
  • Fixed issue MR-158 - Password field not accepting Pipe
  • Fixed issue MR-330 - Portable version saves log to user's profile folder
  • Fixed issue MR-333 - Unnecessary prompt for 'close all open connections?'
  • Fixed issue MR-342 - Incorrect view in config pane of new connection after viewing default inheritance
  • Fixed issue MR-352 - Passwords with " (quotation mark) and # (hash key) characters make mRemoteNG to open PuttyNG dialog
  • Fixed issue MR-362 - Rename 'Screenshot Manager' to 'Screenshots' on the View menu to match Panel name
  • Added detection of newer versions of connection files and database schemata. mRemoteNG will now refuse to open them to avoid data loss.
  • Improved appearance and discoverability of the connection search box.
  • If RDC 7.0 or higher is installed, the connection bar is no longer briefly shown when connecting to an RDP connection with redirect key combinations enabled.
  • If RDC 8.0 or higher is installed, RDP connections automatically adjust their size when the window is resized or when toggling full screen mode.
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mRemoteNG 1.71 Now Available


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