mRemote - file transfer / UNC / different credentials.

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mRemote - file transfer / UNC / different credentials.

Postby CC-admin » Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:00 am

HI Guys,

Hoping someone can help me with this one. We use mRemote HEAVILY in our organisation and we have a requirement to integrate (probably with the use of External Apps) a program with the following characteristics.

* A Left and a right pane (to drag and drop files)
* The left pane will be a static mapped drive, the right pane will vary but will follow \\ip_address\share_name
* The right pane connection will HAVE to use different credentials
* The ability to file compare would be desirable.

We have looked at things such as WINSCP, Beyond Compare 3, Explorer XP etc.

Please note the integrated SFTP / SCP is not suffice.

Thanks - looking forward to some useful suggestions!

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mRemote - file transfer / UNC / different credentials.


Re: mRemote - file transfer / UNC / different credentials.

Postby rmcardle » Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:43 pm

This seems like a very specific scenario that not many users would have. Unfortunately, we don't currently have enough developers to work on niche things like this.
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Re: mRemote - file transfer / UNC / different credentials.

Postby amitz » Tue Dec 13, 2011 2:34 am

if you use it for windows based machines read on if not don't bother....
i don't really see the need to integrate since you can run it from your station and specify the left and right paths and of course the credentials for them
i use robocopy and it does the work for me.
just for the fun of it i integrated it to mremoteng as an external tool (again i don't see the need...) since you can save the default configuration (in your case it would be the left side with it's credentials and the parameters you want to use for the copy)
this is how i configured the external tool:
, again it runs from my laptop if you want to run it against different servers or workstation you will need to install it locally on these machines and add the /computer argument
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