Putty security holes

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Putty security holes

Postby x-Na » Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:39 am


Couple of days ago putty was updated to fix four security holes. And SSH2 connections are almost only connections I use with MremoteNG, I would like to know when and if you are going to update PuttyNG with the fixes?

2013-08-06 PuTTY 0.63 released, fixing SECURITY HOLES
PuTTY 0.63, released today, fixes four security holes in 0.62 and before: vuln-modmul, vuln-signature-stringlen, vuln-bignum-division-by-zero, private-key-not-wiped. Other than that, there are mostly bug fixes from 0.62 and a few small features.

Other than that, I really would like to see the putty/SSH focus problem fixed
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Putty security holes


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