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mRemoteNG version 1.69.4360.2915

Postby SoulBiter » Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:34 am


I have been using your product for quite awhile now to access a group of servers I utilize for my job. However, these servers have now been upgraded to Windows 2012-R2. Since then I have only been able to start remote sessions for FOUR Win2012-R2 servers at one time, the fifth attempt results in the connection being refused. I have tested this thoroughly, killing one Win2012-r2 session and that allows me to start the previous failed attempt to connect. Then I try to start a session on the server whose session i killed, and it now will not connect. So in summary, mRemoteNG will only start FOUR Windows 2012-R2 servers at one time, with the fifth attempt failing. I can still start other Windows servers that have back-leveled versions, i.e. Win 2008, Win 2003, etc.

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mRemoteNG version 1.69.4360.2915


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