Not all printers redirected to Win server RDP

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Not all printers redirected to Win server RDP

Postby ohornig » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:36 pm

Hello, firstly thank for all your work on such a perfect tool. I have only one trouble using this software - printer redirection to RDP. When I use mstsc.exe to the same RDP server as in mRemoteNG, all of my local printers are redirected with note (redirect from session X). In mRemoteNG RDP session to the same server I have only a few of these printers ready.

Is there a someone with the same symptoms? Thanks for reply

Printers in RDP session via mRemoteNG

Printers via Windows RDP Client
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Not all printers redirected to Win server RDP


Re: Not all printers redirected to Win server RDP

Postby Techguidesinc » Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:12 am

I am having the same issue. I only get 1 of 6 printers redirected. I have went into "Devices and printers" and added a printer. While doing this one of the ports that are available is the redirected ports for all of my printers, I just don't know which printer is tied to which port. I am sure with testing I could figure this out, but is there a fix for the original issue before investing a lot of time?
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Re: Not all printers redirected to Win server RDP

Postby francois-web » Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:46 am


This problem is a bit tricky.
I had the same problem some years ago I was on W7x64 Pro.
The problem disappeared but i didn't really know how.
Then I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, and no more redirections in mRemoteNG (still ok in mstsc.exe).
My colleague uses mRemoteNG too, on W10Pro too, and it redirects correctly on his computer.
If I use mRemoteNG on another session on my computer, problem is still here, so it's seems to be a computer-wide problem.
Disabling AV doesn't solve that.
The mRemoteNG.log doesn't show anything.

I don't have find out what does that issue. Only theses tips for the moment.

Interested in any solutions or if you need other tests to do.


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