Double RDP connexion

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Double RDP connexion

Postby Janlouk » Wed Sep 28, 2016 2:01 am

Hello everybody,

I use mRemoteNG since one month.

I would like to create a RDP connexion into another RDP connexion.

Exemple :

I want to connect on the server SERV2. But to connect on this SERV2, I must to connect before on SERV1 and to do a mstsc.exe to connect on SERV2.

But to connect on the server "SERV1", I use DOM1\Janlouk1 and to connect on SERV2, I use DOM1\Janlouk2.

How can I do that in one step ? Or 2 but without type manually on SERV1, ctrl+r/mstsc/SERV2/ok/DOM1\Janlouk2/password.

Do you understand what I need ?

Thanks a lot
Kind regards

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Double RDP connexion


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