Mouse pointer and initial connection issue

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Mouse pointer and initial connection issue

Postby bbhulsey » Mon Nov 07, 2016 7:43 am

First, let me say this product is a lifesaver. It is the only RDP solution that lets me remotely control Windows 7 boxes at work from my hi-res Yoga 2 Pro with any semblance of normal screen appearance and I've tried all the Microsoft "solutions". At this point the only complaints I have are that the mouse pointer does not appear to scale properly (it suddenly becomes very very tiny and hard to see) and in general the first time I attempt to establish a connection to a remote box it times out (the second attempt generally connects immediately). I'm using a vpn and it may be the case that Windows 10 on my Yoga reports a successful vpn connection even though it hasn't truly completed yet. Has anyone else noted these issues?

I'm using version 1.74.6023.15437.

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Mouse pointer and initial connection issue


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