"SmartSize mode" with VNC connection ?

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"SmartSize mode" with VNC connection ?

Postby Mac83 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:01 am


I discovered mRemoteNG a few days ago, and I appreciate it. But as I'm configuring many VNC connections, I have a question about the parameter "SmartSize mode" (sorry if the names are not exact, my version of mRemoteNG is in french) : both values "free" and "appearence" have the same effect : they reduce or enlarge the window (conserving the ratio) so it takes the entire available space in my mRemoteNG window. As the option "No dynamic size" keep the original size even if it's to large, I would expect one of the 2 other options to just reduce the window if it's to big, and do nothing if the window can be displayed entirely without resizing. I would really appreciate this behavior : it can reduce the window if mRemoteNG is on my smaller screen, and keep visual quality by not resizing if mRemoteNG is on my bigger screen.
Do you have an explanation on what these options do ? Am I missing a difference between these values' parameter ? Or is there something wrong with my mRemoteNG (I have mRemoteNG 1.74.6023.15358 running under windows 7 x64) ?

I'm not sure if my explanations are clear, don't hesitate if you need more details.

Thanks in advance for your help
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"SmartSize mode" with VNC connection ?


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