[REDMINE ISSUE 17] Arrange same panel tabs vertically ou ..

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[REDMINE ISSUE 17] Arrange same panel tabs vertically ou ..

Postby rivabem » Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:15 am

It would be useful to arrange same panel tabs vertically ou horizontally, just like it can be done with panels, like they were sub-panels.

One of my main uses for ssh connections are log tails, I logically arranje my connections as per Production Farm, Development Farm etc, but currently there is no way to do this grouping and visualizing all servers at the same time.

I am using PuttyCM, it makes my aproach easier, but does no solve the problem. Any connection has a separate panel, so one can not change groups in one click either, but anyway it helps me more than the current mRemote style and allows one to drag and drop connections between panels. (a good plus):


But it has a whole bunch of problems and seems not to be in active development, mRemoteNG has more potential and features. I simply loved it, apart from my current need of creating one panel to each connection to at least mimic the not-so-good PuttyCM interface.

The interface Id like is more a hybrid of those two, something like this:

Left: Prod panel chosen
Right: Devel Panel chosen
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[REDMINE ISSUE 17] Arrange same panel tabs vertically ou ..


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