[REDMINE ISSUE 42] NFR: Ability to specify database name..

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[REDMINE ISSUE 42] NFR: Ability to specify database name..

Postby SteveOllis » Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:16 pm


Love mRemoteNG.. I've been setting up all of my servers, application websitesand the like into mRemoteNG, and using the MSSQL backend to store the details, so we've got a centralised, common tool for our Server HelpDesk droids.

The Network HelpDesk droids got a look at this, and were bleating about how they'd love to use it as well. As much as I want to help the dark side out, I don't want them seeing all the Server stuff, lest they start touching it and maybe breaking stuff.

So, I'd like to request:
- please add the capability to either
a) be able to specify a separate database for the mRemoteNG settings (preferred solution, due to being able to control access to the db from a SQL perspective)
b) be able to specify a table prefix (net_, srv_, noc_, helpdesk_, etc) that is added to the 3 SQL tables, to keep the data separated (not preferred - not as effective access control)

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[REDMINE ISSUE 42] NFR: Ability to specify database name..


Re: NFR: Ability to specify database name OR table prefix

Postby peltco » Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:37 am

sounds like a good idea. one thing that will be added soon is remote connection xml files. that way you could do access control on just that file. Maybe not as nice as a MSSQL database but easier to do the access control stuff. More MSSQL stuff will have to wait a bit longer. (Also note it's still very experimental)
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