Minimise Floating Panel/Window

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Minimise Floating Panel/Window

Postby delair » Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:57 am


First of all thank you for continuing this app & i love this app and it is the most used app on my laptop/PC.

1. Please can you add a minimise button to a floating panel/window and also have the application not minimise any floating panels/windows when the main application is minimised. At the moment if i have a floating window open and i minimise the main window the floating panel/window also minimises.

2. Have the floating panel/window show up in the taskbar/superbar e.g. show in taskbar when panel is out/floating.

3. Allow Internet webpage popups/windows to open without the need to press ctrl+alt either by allowing the popup to open in a new panel or the same panel(maybe an option for which ever)

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Minimise Floating Panel/Window


Re: Minimise Floating Panel/Window

Postby thrilleratplay » Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:55 pm

The first two are limited by the panel library we use. I would like to give panels and tabs more functionality and flexibility, but it will be seen what will be possible if updating and replacing the library.

For the third request, there are a number of problems different web apps are causing. The browser integration was never intended to be more than a simple browser when originally added in mRemote. We are still investigating ways to integrate browsers better.
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