Ability to disable keyboard and mouse controls

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Ability to disable keyboard and mouse controls

Postby rayhaque » Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:24 am

I am often hosting remote connection software sessions (ie WebEx, TeamMeeting, etc) so that I can work with a vendor to repair a supported product.

It's frustrating to do this through mRemoteNG, because every time I bump the mouse or come near the window, I am either moving the mouse and interrupting them or involuntarily requesting control of the display.

Using a VNCviewer client, I can disable the keyboard and mouse controls so that I am not bothering them. It would be awesome if mRemoteNG had this functionality. I imagine this would be something you could enable/disable by right-clicking the open session, bit if it were in the standard config options that would work too.

Hopefully I am not asking for something that is all ready possible. I could not figure out a way to do this in the present client.

Thank you, and I love this client!

-Ray Dios Haque
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Ability to disable keyboard and mouse controls


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