PuttyCM-like tab drag/drop, keyboard shrtcts, panel saving

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PuttyCM-like tab drag/drop, keyboard shrtcts, panel saving

Postby markimus » Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:39 am


First of all thanks for the great software. I recently switched to mRemoteNG because PuttyCM is buggy as hell and development seems to be stagnating. Been recommending this to all my unix and windows friends alike and they love it.

My suggestions:

1) One peeve I have right now is with the way panels and connection tabs work. I'm sure many would benefit from this, but essentially I'm looking for the ability to drag and drop the connection tabs between any connection panel. If you just take a look at how PuttyCM behaves you will see what I mean.
2) The ability to ctrl+click multiple connections from the connections bar and have them open in a specific connection panel.
3) Keyboard shortcuts for creating and renaming connection panels.
4) The ability to save a list of connection tabs within a connection panel for easy reloading at a later point. Call them connection panel bookmarks? Yes, I realize you can put the connections into a folder and open them at once, however you are prompted to select which panel you want for _EACH_ tab. If I have 50 servers that I want to load up this is cumbersome.
5) When clicking between connection panels, you need ANOTHER click inside of the connection tab (ie the shell area) to focus the tab.

Thanks for reading :)
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PuttyCM-like tab drag/drop, keyboard shrtcts, panel saving


Re: PuttyCM-like tab drag/drop, keyboard shrtcts, panel savi

Postby rmcardle » Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:14 pm

Good ideas. Thanks.
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