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Icon display in connection Tab

PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:05 am
by pv451
Hi, guys!

First of all I was pleasnatly surpised founding your fork of mRemote. I have used 1.5 version for some time, but as you know that project is quite dead.

Bout icons in connetions list, i have a problem. Program is using from a network share by several users. That made for having one conf file for all users.
So is it posible to show play icon not only for user that started session, but to all others that using same conf file?
At least if other users start program later than first user.

I tried to play with option Connected in conf file by external apps, but even when i set this option to "true", new instance of mRNG still shows that all connection are disabled.

P.S. I`m very sorry for my awful english.