[REDMINE ISSUE 9] Tabs in rows ... ???

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[REDMINE ISSUE 9] Tabs in rows ... ???

Postby newbie01.others » Tue May 25, 2010 5:49 pm


First off ... thanks for continuing work on mRemoteNG

Am currenly using mRemote as I have not known of mRemoteNG until today.

So far, the feature that I find missing that may be useful is having the option to arrange the connection tabs in multiple rows instead of having to click on the left and right arrow?

is it possible to have split window to have at least two (2) Windows side by side either vertically or horizontally like Poderosa? This is useful if you have to compare stuff from two (2) servers and starting one server on one screen and monitoring its status on another screen.

Thanks again for mRemoteNG
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[REDMINE ISSUE 9] Tabs in rows ... ???


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