[REDMINE ISSUES 24, 30] Two much needed features

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[REDMINE ISSUES 24, 30] Two much needed features

Postby manonstreet » Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:28 am

I can think of 2 features that would make mRemoteNG much more user friendly (and both have been previously mentioned)

1) The google search box. There is a search box currently, but it's is hidden away. It would be great if it was more prominently featured, had a hot key to set focus on it, and filtered the connections as you typed.

2) A credential manager. The inheritance is really powerful, but confusing and with limitation. As discussed elsewhere, you cannot enable inheritance on a first level folder (but you can on the Connections root and sub-folders). This makes it very difficult to setup identities which work across some servers but not others without custom tailoring the connection tree. It would be much nicer to create a credential manager in which identities could be saved. Then connections could use these identities and perhaps inherit them as well.
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[REDMINE ISSUES 24, 30] Two much needed features


Re: Two much needed features

Postby rsingleton » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:49 am

I would DEFINITELY agree about the credentials manager!! Having to update the passwords for ALL the connections is time consuming. Having 1 credential to update that is associated to all your connections would make it MUCH easier to update! I have 45 servers to manager and this would save a bunch...

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