extend ad-import feature

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extend ad-import feature

Postby jorn » Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:04 pm

I've added a couple of options I'd like to see myself, and the code works pretty well - only thing that's strange is that if the root node is selected, the ldappath is returned empty and the thing fails (gracefully enough, but I don't get why
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Me._ADPath = Me.AD.ADPath
in mRemoteV1\UI\UI.Window.ADImport.vb is returned empty in the first place - it should just give back the ldap root string?)
Also it seem the function that makes the node name needs some cleaning up, as the node created when I passed the name manually came back as AP://domainname.ext/DC=domainname :P

was also planning to make a "replicate ldap-hierarchy" option, but haven't gotten to that yet...

Could I have access to the versioning system, or would you prefer patches?
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extend ad-import feature


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