Missing references...

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Missing references...

Postby SagePourpre » Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:36 pm

first of all, thank you for this great piece of software.
My work involves a lot of RDP to a lot of differents clients for debugging our application on their system and this
is the best multi-tabbed interface to manage RDP connections I came accross.
Furthermore, it's open source and done in vb.net rather than C# (which is better for me since I'm used to VB verbose).

I'm documenting myself on how to use github and submit pull request (which I think is the way to submit correction — as I said, still looking into it)) but
I would like to mention I had some trouble setting up the environment.

I had to manually add reference to
- AxWflcaLib.dll
- Interop.EOLWTSCOM.dll
- Interop.WFLCALib.dll
- WFlcaLib.dll

Some of the dlls were not in the source code download so I navigated through the history of the project until I found the "before deletion" version on the github project.
After doing that, everything compiled just fine.

Other than that, what would be the best way to contribute to the project ?
Do developpers contributing uses solely the dashboard at https://mremoteng.atlassian.net/browse/MR ?
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Missing references...


Re: Missing references...

Postby rmcardle » Mon Dec 30, 2013 1:29 am

The references shouldn't be a problem as long as the required dependencies are installed and registered. There are two of them, eolwtscom.dll and Citrix Online Plug-In - Web.

The easiest way to get eolwtscom.dll installed and registered is to just use the mRemoteNG installer. As for the Citrix plugin, you can download it from here:

https://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix ... n-123.html

There's also a link to it on the mRemoteNG download page. Once those dependencies are installed and registered, the source code should compile without modification. If it doesn't, please let me know the exact error messages that you are receiving.

If you're looking for things that need to be worked on, then JIRA is probably the best place to look. It's pretty overwhelming though, so you can just ask me what I need help on at the moment if you want.

To make your contributions available to me to integrate into the official mRemoteNG, fork the project on GitHub and push your changes to it. I will probably notice the commits on your fork, but if you want to be sure, then submit a pull request.
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