Suggestions how to improve mRemoteNG web pages

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Suggestions how to improve mRemoteNG web pages

Postby mrem » Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:32 am

I have some suggestions in general how to improve mRemoteNG web pages:

1. Update web page. According to current content of web page it looks like project is death.
I suggest on add "1.7.4-RC3" info to the web page and include the date of release.
Note: When official 1.7.4 version is released I suggest the following:
a) add 1.7.4 at the top with all info
b) add 1.7.3-beta and 1.7.2 bellow bug make it clear that this is the version with limitations (like old RDP protocol) and should be only used on Windows XP if still required.

2. On Forum like viewforum.php?f=8 delete the following three threads from ANNOUNCEMENTS:
- mRemoteNG 1.73 Beta 1 Now Available (news from 2013 not news anymore).
- mRemoteNG 1.72 Now Available (news from 2013 not news anymore)
- New Bug Reporting Tool and Wiki (it is info from 2011 so not new anymore)
All three threads looks like project is death.
I suggest to add new announcement of mRemoteNG 1.7.4-RC3 link to github download page:

3. Add SSL/TLS support for web servers on:
Note: Because forum uses login it is problematic web pages to not be encrypted, specially because many users use the same userid/password in many web pages (I know bad practice, but this is the life) and send unencrypted on the web is a risk for other web sites to be at risk also.

Also for page you don't know if someone on network traffic has changed something and instead of mRemoteNG donation could be send to someone else. See for example this little device that can be added like in coffee shop or similar to change network traffic:

Adding a SSL/TLS domain validated certificate should not be a problem anymore, because certificate can be acquired for free of charge from

Look into Let's Encrypt simplest to implement solution (select web server and operating system) and you will get instructions how to setup SSL/TLS. It is really simple. Be sure to also set certificate renewal (instructions on the same web page in section "Automating renewal"), because Let's Encrypt certificate has only 90 days lifetime:

If you like you can create a certificate for each of the domain or it is also possible to have single certificate for all of the domains you like (info added into Certificate Alternative Name inside certificate). In this case instead of (if using Apache):
Code: Select all
./path/to/certbot-auto --apache

Code: Select all
./path/to/certbot-auto --apache -d -d -d

Note: Don't be confused with client name "certbot-auto", previous name was "letsencrypt-auto" and was renamed. So if finding some old instructions (or installing from Linux distro repository) you may still have old name, but functional it is the same.

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Suggestions how to improve mRemoteNG web pages


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